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What Family Engagement Specialists Do, Do Not Do, And Are Supposed to Do

Warning: This is disturbing information. But, you need to read it. Many schools around the country are very fortunate in as much as they have funding available for positions that are dedicated to promoting sound family engagement practice in schools. The positions have various titles, parent engagement specialist, parent involvement specialist, family engagement coordinators, liaisons, […]

What Families Think and What Students Learn

An interesting study crossed my desk this week. A study done by a graduate student seeking an educational specialist degree was comparing parent involvement to math achievement. Nothing particularly new or spectacular in that question, but I always read the abstract. If the abstract captures my interest, I read further. It was in this abstract […]

No one Quit: Ten Things I Learned

It was just about now, only thirty-eight years ago, when I walked into my first interview for my first teaching job. A very small school district in upstate New York, and by very small I mean about 600 students, was searching for a music teacher, more specifically, a band director. The job was to teach […]

Bees and Flies

I am a fly. There are a number different directions this blog can go with that pronouncement. Anyone who knows me, or who has read In Search of Excellence, or who has taken my graduate class in Executive Organizational Leadership, will immediately know from where this title emanates and my somewhat unusual fascination with the […]

The Power of Full Engagement

My work in engagement is expanding. Later this summer, or early fall, our website (drsteveconstantino.com) will be releasing new ideas, programs and information that advance our work to include the general attributes of engaged organizations. This is not to say that the core work of family engagement does not retain its front seat, it certainly […]

Beaver Run Elementary School…Engages Every Family!

For the past two years, Dr. Constantino and his associates have been working with schools in the Wicomico School District in Salisbury, Maryland. Wicomico is a school system of about 15,000 students in 24 schools. The district is a majority minority district with a Free/Reduced Lunch population of about 55%. All of the district’s Title […]

Choose to Fly

  I retired from the position as Acting State Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Commonwealth of Virginia on June 1. Actually, because of bureaucratic misinformation and a regulatory situation that is far too complex to explain, I left my position on June 11 which I think technically makes me the only guy who retired […]

A Story and a Poem

It’s hard for me to believe that almost 17 years have passed since I first sat down and wrote the one and only poem I have ever written. The poem entitled “My Biggest Fear” and the story behind the poem were mainstays of my keynote work for many years, but as times have changed, topics […]