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Flies are Better Than Bees

The way for any organization to stay adaptive is to manage its own evolution. Leadership theories abound. We have all learned about closed and open systems, Theory X, Theory Y, loosely and tightly coupled systems, etc. I once had a boss who asked me if I was familiar with the blind squirrel theory. “Even a […]


The Inaugural Blog!

Welcome to the all-new drsteveconstantino.com! This first blog is dedicated to giving you an understanding of what you can expect from our new website. We hope that starting today, the site will become bigger, better, more robust, and more importantly, a site that will support you in your leadership and family engagement efforts. Our goal is […]

One of My Favorite Lessons in Leadership

A game changer in leadership happened when Good to Great by Jim Collins was published. It immediately captivated organizations everywhere. The ideas are pure, the lessons simple, the outcomes tangible and measurable. Every leader and aspiring leader has read Good to Great. If you haven’t, then you should. There are many profound ideas in the book. One of […]