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The School Board’s Responsibility in Family Engagement

As I prepare to speak at state school board conferences in the coming weeks, I thought I might expand a bit on the role of the school board in shaping successful family engagement practice.  School boards, boards of education, boards of trustees, or whatever you call the decision-making body, plays a critical role in shaping […]

Conquering the Fear of Family Engagement

Of all the barriers that exist in successfully engaging every family, the biggest is, and always has been, fear. Disengaged and disenfranchised families are fearful that they will not fare well in conversation with their child’s teacher nor do they believe they add any value to the equation of their child’s learning. Perhaps it’s perceived […]


Courage, Blog Titles, Families, Equity, Leadership and My Virtual Friend Simon

One of the most important national conversations currently taking place centers on the need for equity in education. For far too long, we have neglected to create institutions and experiences within those institutions that garner equitable access and learning outcomes for every student. Much of this discussion centers on the quality of teachers and teacher […]


The Fear of Feedback

I was both surprised and alarmed the other day when a teacher friend of mine told me that he was searching for ways to send communications to families without families having the ability to respond. Schools and school personnel have always been masters at one-way communication: we send stuff home. We inform parents of expectations, […]


The Power of Full Engagement: Three Important Questions

My work in engagement is expanding. With the first release of the newest ideas in organizational engagement, programs and information that advance our work to include the general attributes of engaged organizations will begin to emerge. This is not to say that the core work of family engagement does not retain its front seat, it […]


The Habits of Engagement

Isolation is death; Integration is Life. “I’m so alone.” My friend startled me with his answer to my question: As the principal of a large high school, what is your biggest challenge? Several months earlier, I heard the same answer in a different context when a state department manager described his working conditions: “We don’t […]


Reflections on Flying One Million Miles

With a nod to Julius Caesar and his famous crossing of the Rubicon River in 49 bc, I believe I just crossed my own Rubicon as well. Fortunately, my crossing won’t start a war. With my last travels of this summer, I surpassed the one-million mile mark on Delta Airlines. Considering the number of flights […]


Culture Does Not Fall From the Sky

There is no question that we are at a crossroads in education around the world. There is the potential to positively reshape and reaffirm the basic tenets of education such that all students benefit from it. Successful schools, both academically and ethically, have at their core a rich and positive school culture. There is no […]