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Improve Scores

Every educator instinctively knows that engaged families is a necessary component in school improvement and leads to more productive student learning outcomes. Aligning your team around Dr. Constantino’s logic model for family engagement will put your district on a path to higher and more consistent student achievement.

Community Support

The quality of connections between children’s educational experiences in school and the community that surrounds the school is a significant component to advancing learning outcomes for all students. Let us help you establish effective community engagement that translates to real results.

Retain Teachers

How much time and money does it cost your district to hire one teacher? Research shows that teachers stay at schools in which strong school-family partnerships exist. If you increase retention by even a small percentage, imagine the savings! Let us help you build the relationships that improve learning and retain satisfied and motivated teachers.

5 Simple Principles

Dr. Constantino has developed the “Five Simple Principles to Engage Every Family” as a way to help every school harness the power of family engagement as a direct conduit to student achievement.


Dr. Constantino’s Blog

Dr. Constantino covers trending topics in education and beyond. Be sure to subscibe to his newsletter so that you don’t miss any updates.


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Take steps today towards improving the way you engage with the families of your school district. Already own Dr. Constantino’s book? Get the free book resources here.


Kind words from our friends...

Brent SappCEO, Navigator Inc.

It’s been my experience, after working one-on-one with over 500 CEO/Founders in the past few years, that the number of great leaders, those individuals who have proven success to lead and guide a large number of people in an impossible endeavor, are easily identified on one hand. At the end of the day it’s all about leadership, and Dr. Steve Constantino, along with my hero, John Wooden, are the BDP. Pull in two or three fingers on that hand and you’ll find the Outliers who not only can lead, but can teach others HOW to lead. Steve, and John, are the fingers still standing.

Karen L. Mapp, EdD, Senior Lecturer on EducationHarvard Graduate School of Education

Steve is a passionate, captivating, and motivating speaker. He offers practical and common sense advice, based on his years of research and practice experience, about how to create and sustain effective family-school partnerships.

Maria Ovalle-Lopez, Family Engagement Program CoordinatorKlein Independent School District (TX)

Attending the Master Class was a true privilege. Applying the learning and receiving immediate feedback allows me to implement the strategies immediately in my work setting!

Nancy Gauthier, Title 1 Programs DirectorAldine Independent School District (TX)

If anyone would like to add to their personal growth or their contribution to the community, I would highly recommend Dr. Constantino’s Master Classes and resources.

Dr. Joni SamplesFormer County Superintendent of Schools, Currently Chief Academic Officer, Family Friendly Schools

Steve Constantino is one of the best in the country at getting you working with the families in your schools. His presentations are funny, filled with real stories and you relate to them immediately. You leave one of his talks knowing you can do something to engage your families and when you do, it will make a difference for students.

Norma Diaz, Program FacilitatorPasadena Independent School District (TX)

It was very informative and very detailed. I liked the time for participation and engagement. He is very knowledgeable and I liked how he took the time to explained everything step by step and the great examples he provided.

Walt HanlineFormer Superintendent (California) Ex. Dir., National Center for Executive Leadership and School Board Development

The minute I heard Dr. Steve Constantino give the keynote speech at our State conference, I knew I needed to get him to our school district. He has a powerful message and is a powerful leader. His work with our district and our leaders transformed the way we do business. He is both passionate and knowledgeable. I recommend him to anyone who not only wants a tremendous experience but also wants to move the needle in their organization.

Otha ThorntonPast President, National PTA

Dr. Steve Constantino delivered the keynote address during the 2014 Annual National Convention. His presentation was funny, dynamic, engaging and relatable. Members from across the country have shared that they thought Dr. Constantino was one of the best Convention keynote speakers in recent years.

Steve MyersSuperintendent Educational Service District 105, Yakima, Washington

Dr. Constantino is the whole package! Besides having high energy and infectious enthusiasm, his vast knowledge and skills coupled with extensive experiences in leadership will change the thinking and culture of your organization.

Mr. John O’MearaPrincipal Yea High School Yea, Victoria, Australia

I have had the great pleasure of seeing Dr Steve Constantino fulfill several roles as a speaker, (in three countries!) both with large gatherings and in smaller seminar groups.
He speaks with authority and wisdom born of experience as a successful practitioner who has ‘done the hard yards’ in an area many educators find difficult navigate.
His lively mix of passion, knowledge, humour and provocation finds the mark with his audience and leaves them with optimism and a sense that the challenging work can be done!