Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles™

Every educator instinctively knows that engaged families leads to more productive students.

Steve Constantino has developed the “Five Simple Principles to Engage Every Family” as a way to help every school harness the power of family engagement as a direct conduit to student achievement.

The logic model is designed to place into a hierarchical order the principles by which true family engagement and the ultimate development and nurturing of family efficacy can be implemented and measured. The model supports the notion that there is a process to successful family engagement practice.

Each of the principles falls into a logical sequence of action. In other words, schools and districts wishing to bring about systemic reform in family engagement should begin at the beginning (Principle #1) and follow the model in the direction of the arrows, that being clockwise around the circle.

Steve can customize a training program for your school or district that will ensure that every family is engaged in the academic lives of their children which in turn brings about more student learning success.

The Logic Model for The Five Simple Principles™