About Steve

“There are a few outliers of public speaking; those few communicators who have something extraordinarily important to say and say it in such a captivating way, that you are searching TED talks and iTunes to learn more the minute you leave the auditorium. Dr. Steve Constantino is on that outlier list.”

– Brent Sapp, CEO, Navigator, Inc.

Author, speaker and leader Dr. Steve Constantino has a long and distinguished career in bringing innovation to educational entities and businesses. He is internationally recognized for his work as an organizational engagement expert and is known for his results-oriented, non-conventional, entrepreneurial and outlier approach to leadership.

As a master of the stage, Steve has captivated thousands of business leaders, teachers, administrators, school board members and others in amazing keynote presentations and workshops at local, state, regional, national and international conferences. Through stories, humor and a knack for telling it like it is, Steve is the rare combination of someone who can both lead and teach others how to lead.

Steve has experience both in the public and private sectors and leverages this unique lens to challenge conventional leadership practices favoring what he describes as a “blow up the box mentality.” With a passion, a vision and no money, Steve founded a small start-up and brings this perspective to his teaching and speaking on the topic of entrepreneurial leadership in education as well as his approach to the engagement of employees within an organization.

Steve is best known for his expertise in family and community engagement through his Five Simple Principles ™ model. He inspires sound practices in leadership and the leveraging of engagement as essential elements in organizational effectiveness and workforce productivity. Steve’s model promotes family engagement as a conduit to increased academic achievement for all students and overall school improvement.

Steve has authored three books on the subject. His first book, Making Your School Family Friendly (NASSP, 2002) was published after being selected by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the MetLife Foundation to create the first-ever family friendly schools workshop, held in Washington DC. Steve was also selected to work directly with the American Business Collaboration on a national project to connect home and school to help employees be more engaged families.

His second book Engaging Every Family (Rowman and Littlefield, 2003) soon followed. This book expanded on the conceptual framework of the four domains of family engagement. In 2008, Steve released his third book 101 Ways to Create Real Family Engagement (Engage Press, 2008). Steve’s fourth and newest book Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles (2016) is published by Corwin Press, features his Five Simple Principles ™ model and has quickly become a bestseller.

Steve began his career as a teacher and moved through the ranks to district superintendent. At the state level, Steve held positions as Chief Academic Officer and Acting State Superintendent. Today, Steve is an Executive Professor in the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership Department at the William & Mary School of Education and is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts for Livingtree, Inc. (Livingtree.com), an EdTech company dedicated to engaging families with schools.

Steve continues to travel the world speaking and working with schools, districts, organizations and businesses and is featured speaker at  numerous state, regional, national and international conferences.