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About Dr. Steve Constantino

There are a few outliers of public speaking; those few communicators who have something extraordinarily important to say and say it in such a captivating way, that you are searching TED talks and iTunes to learn more the minute you leave the auditorium. Dr. Steve Constantino is on that outlier list.

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Leader, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author Dr. Steve Constantino has a long and distinguished career working at the school, district, and state levels and is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities in the area of family and community engagement.

Dr. Constantino’s work quickly gained national prominence and soon he began traveling the United States speaking and working with educators to promote sound practices in the leadership of organizations and the leveraging of family engagement as an essential element in increased academic achievement for all students.

As a result of his experiences and his practical approach to engaging families, Dr. Constantino is a much sought-after speaker and has authored four books on the subject. His first book, Making Your School Family Friendly (NASSP, 2002) was published after being selected by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the MetLife Foundation to create the first-ever family friendly schools national symposium, held in Washington DC.

His second book Engaging Every Family: Creating a Positive School Culture by Putting Research Into Practice (Rowman and Littlefield, 2003) soon followed. This book expanded on the conceptual framework of the four domains of family engagement. In 2008, Dr. Constantino released his third book 101 Ways to Create Real Family Engagement (Engage Press, 2008). His fourth book, Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles is published by Corwin Press. The
new and improved second edition of Engage Every Family was released in 2021.
Both editions quickly became best sellers.

Dr. Constantino began his career as a teacher and moved through the ranks from award-winning principal to district superintendent. At the state level, Dr. Constantino held positions as Chief Academic Officer and Acting State Superintendent for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today, Steve is an Executive Professor in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Department at the William & Mary School of Education and continues to accept numerous invitations to speak and consult with schools, districts and business organizations in the United States around the world.

Keynote/Endnote Presentations

Dr. Steve Constantino is one of the most sought after keynote/endnote speakers and workshop leaders in the United States. His successful and innovative career in leadership both in business and education coupled with his many years of research, writing and practice in the field of family engagement in education place him in a very unique position. His messages of engagement, innovation and entrepreneurial leadership find him at ease and in command of his audiences in both business and educational settings.

Whether a national educational or business organization, Fortune 500 Company or school district, Steve will captivate your audience and motivate them to reach beyond the norm.

As a keynote or endnote presenter, Steve energizes audiences with his knowledge, passion, stories of successful practice, engaging humor, storytelling and unique knack for telling it like it is. Whether you are planning a national conference, business conference, leadership seminar or an opening convocation for your staff, Steve will ensure that your group is energized to start your conference or leave excited, upbeat and motivated.



The Universal Principles of Engagement: Whether a fortune 500 company or a local elementary school, these ideas can help leverage the engagement of people, renew their energy and improve organizational productivity.

Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles: Dr. Constantino is the nation’s leading practitioner in family engagement and has just released his latest book Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles. His message of the power of family engagement is well known in education circles. Dr. Constantino also speaks to business and industry on the importance of supporting family engagement as a conduit to improved organizational productivity. Dr. Constantino is best known for his work in the area of family engagement and can assist any organization in leveraging better engagement.

Create A Success Culture: Culture doesn’t fall from the sky, it is created and manipulated by people in organizations. Organizational culture is a powerful tool that helps organizations meet and exceed their goals and, if left unchecked, can be the catalyst for disaster. With humor, passion and just the right amount of provocation, this keynote will motivate your organization to truly shape an organizational culture that brings about continuous improvement and success.

Leadership for 21st Century Organizations: In the new economy, businesses and educational institutions will thrive with leadership that is bold, visionary and entrepreneurial in nature. As an educational and business leader, Dr. Constantino shares the power of entrepreneurial leadership and how to cultivate remarkable success as a result.

Growing the Future: Engaging Business and Education: There is no doubt that now more than ever public education and the private sector must band together to support student transitions from high school through higher education and the workforce. Dr. Constantino makes a compelling case and provides practical examples of how business and education can join forces to meet the demands of the ever-changing workforce.

The Knowledge Economy: Re-Imagining Education and Business: We don’t often think of the economy as a driver of education reform. In this presentation, suitable for both business and education, Dr. Constantino makes a compelling case for the need to re-imagine education to meet the demands of the new knowledge economy. Because business and education share the same workforce, the ideas he presents about the needs of the modern worker and how organizations must adapt is a powerful and thought-provoking message for all.

Workshops/Concurrent Sessions

Keynote/Endnote Presentations

Dr. Constantino is available to expand on any of the ideas presented above in workshops or conference concurrent sessions and can customize his message to your needs.

Dr. Constantino customizes short and long-term programs for schools and districts interested in engaging every family with a special emphasis on engaging those families that are traditionally disenfranchised from their children’s school. The Engage Every Family: Five Simple Principles capacity building programs can be comprised of on-site training modules, web-based coaching for each school team or a blended approach. Read more about the Five Simple Principles.

Don’t see your specific need covered here? Contact us. We are happy to listen to your goals and customize presentations to the specific needs of your organization.

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