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The Emotional Reality of Learning at Home: Meeting the Needs of Students and Their Families

Students’ basic physical and emotional needs must be met before we can expect them to engage in learning whether at school or now, at home. The COVID-19 pandemic finds teachers and families struggling to set appropriate goals and parameters for in-home learning.

Join national family engagement expert and author Dr. Steve Constantino and licensed psychologist, author, and emotional intelligence expert, Dr. Adam Sáenz as they discuss the emotional and academic attributes of learning at home and provide suggestions and ideas for educators navigating the difficulties of learning during COVID-19.

The Power of Our Words

Join Dr. Constantino and guest Patricia Weinzapfel, author of No More Mumbo Jumbo: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Educators and Families for a conversation that focuses on how to recognize effective and ineffective communications and provide you with the knowledge, skills, and checklists you need to improve your relationships with families and cultivate student success.

Stories from the Field: Successful Practice in Engaging Families During COVID-19

Join Dr. Steve Constantino and his guests from the Klein Independent School District, Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown, and Family Engagement Program Coordinator, Maria Ovalle-Lopez. Dr. Constantino will facilitate a discussion with these practitioners about their experiences with what works in engaging families during the COVID-19 crisis.

Audience: All educators.

Family Academic Socialization: What Does It Mean and Why Is It Now Important?

There has never been a more important time in education. With an unprecedented upending of traditional schooling, teachers are placed in the position to direct learning from afar. In this webinar, strategies for family efficacy and feedback will be shared to help teachers better monitor and understand how learning is progressing at home. The term family academic socialization will be explained and broken down into usable components by teachers.

Audience: All educators.

Making More Out of Technology Available To Us: Social Media as a Two-Way Communication Tool

In this webinar, Dr. Constantino will share the research tenants of family efficacy and how those can be applied to the use of any social media platform a particular school or teacher may be using. Particular attention will be paid to research and practice that focuses on the use of technology to promote family efficacy. Several examples will be shared to give participants an opportunity to see the research put into real practice.

Audience: Any educator relying on technology to communicate with students and families.

Invisible Engagement: How to Build the Efficacy of Every Family

In this webinar, Dr. Constantino will discuss his concept of invisible engagement, engagement that you may not see but can see the results of. With the present conditions of learning at home, this concept can easily be adapted by teachers and worked into the process that is already in place in their school to provide structure and lessons while students are away from school.

Audience: Teachers and those responsible for creating lessons.

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