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The Inaugural Blog!

By June 17, 2014March 31st, 2020No Comments

Welcome to the all-new! This first blog is dedicated to giving you an understanding of what you can expect from our new website. We hope that starting today, the site will become bigger, better, more robust, and more importantly, a site that will support you in your leadership and family engagement efforts. Our goal is to reach out and work with everyone who wishes to improve the outcome of student learning in school through a tested and measured family engagement process.

For almost 20 years, our efforts have been laser-focused on helping schools and school districts engage every family. This website is a continuation of that effort with the all new “The Five Simple Principles to Engage Every Family™.” Family engagement remains a critical component of student success in school and we will continue to be the national thought leaders in helping administrators, school board members, teachers, support staff and families create practical and measurable ways to engage to support the learning outcomes of every student.

With this new launch however, we are blazing a new path as well: Leadership.

Successful leaders are usually, as Malcolm Gladwell might say, “Outliers.” Successful leaders who get results and move organizations forward do so in specific, creative, and spectacular ways, there rarely is anything “normal” about them. They embrace change and understand the courage necessary to avoid the status quo or the dreaded “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Our website will start to promote leadership ideas and materials so that these leadership principles can be applied not only to efforts in family engagement, but to any goals and objectives important to an organization in the public or private sector. We embrace the notion of “lead from wherever you are!”

Hopefully the new site, new look and information will inspire you to lead the effort in your school to engage every family or sharpen your skills as a leader. Fill out our contact information to communicate with Dr. Constantino and receive our periodic newsletter and updates. Our first e-book series will be out later this summer and with any luck, the newest book by Dr. Constantino will be available in the Fall (it has been a long time coming!) You can still follow us on social media as well. Use the contact information to engage Dr. Constantino with your organization, company or school district.

Thank you for visiting Please come back often!

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